GBBG Bitbillions – What is it exactly?

The Original Post is Located Here GBBG Bitbillions What is it exactly?Perhaps you have heard of Gbbg or bitbillions?

 What is GBBG exactly?

In order to fully understand the vision of GBBG you must first understand how you currently use your computer.

Every site is hosted on a server, to visit any site you have to enter a web address (URL) that then connects you to the server that hosts the actual site. Your computer communicates with the companys server and the server communicates back to your computer. This is process incurs an expense and process. In fact this requires a LOT of software and human management. In addition this means that you must have a computer with it’s own operating system, web browser, and other applications (chat software, firewall, video display, sound processor, etc.).
EVERY SINGLE bit of communication is traceable. Anyone can know exactly where you have been and what you have done.  
*** All income generated is kept by the main companies.  Does Google pay you any portion of the income generated via advertising? NO!!
The anonymous public domain project  is meant to be a  100% CLOUD bаѕеd oреrаtіng ѕуѕtem аnd brоwsеr! 
Ok great but what does this really mean?
GBBG Bitbillions What is it exactly?
Now, imagine being able to use the internet and ALL applications including operating systems.  See GBBG will be in the cloud, meaning that every single computer will operate as a mini-server.  All computers collectively provide the services of the entire network.
 Ok great, but how does bitbillions benefit you the end user?

PRIVACY- it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to monitor your online activity
Nearly zero cost- save hundreds easily
No need to constantly update your devices or software to use the newest tools/features- no worries about your computer crashing due to different software incompatibility
NOBODY can control or manipulate this for profit- you earn money
Instant access to all your files and documents from any device, anywhere in the world

*** more importantly bitbillions will share income/revenue with YOU just for using the system.  :)

In a nutshell, bitbillions will allow users to save money on the things that you currently use your computer for.
Once this platform is completed you will be able to do the following

watch movies online  –  no more Netflix   ($8.95 a month)
make free phonecalls- no more Verizon (34.95 a month)
download music legally no more risky use of Pirate Bay
do online financial (annonymous) transactions with bitcoins- 
sell goods/services on auction sites w/o paying for a mere listing
access software for free (no need to pay for excel, office etc.)
do everything that you currently do on your computer, make spreadsheets, write documents, etc

 Personally I have decided to join because of the intrinsic value that bitbillions will offer people all over the world.  I will share a personal example.. using my Verizon bill.   **** This is a very real scenario in the FUTURE once the platform is completed, it will NOT be immediate but definitely worth the lifetime FOUNDER membership for one bitcoin ****
Сurrеntlу mу mоntһly bill for FIOS internet and phone line costs without including taxes or fees. $94.99 
Now these are the fees that they tack on..
Е-911 Tах .75
Fеd Ехіѕе Taх .18
VA Соmmunісаtіоnѕ  Τах 2.14
ѴА Ρublіс Rіgһtѕ-оf-Waу Uѕе Fее .91
Cаrriеr Cost Rесоѵеrу Chаrge .49
Ferderаl Unіvеrѕаl Ѕvc   6.07
ѴА Cоѕt Reсоѵеrу Ѕurсһargе 2.13
Just thе tахеѕ, feеs and оtһеr сһаrgeѕ сome tо $12.74 а montһ Му vеrizоn рhоnе аnd intеrnеt сoѕtѕ mе $107.91 а mоntһ
So I do an example of basic math $107.95 per month equals:= $1294.92 a year. 
As the saying goes A penny saved is a penny earned!
What can you do with these savings?

go on a family vacation
apply this towards your mortgage to pay off your house sooner
invest this in a CD
apply this to cut down credit card debt
anything you want

Is this 100% cloud based peer to peer solution the main reason why Bill Gates is retiring? Maybe or maybe not, but the fact is that the savings on operating software alone means that you will be able to buy a computer for half of the current rates.   You can read an interesting article here about bitcoins and their current impact 
Why does bitbillions only use bitcoins as the currency of choice?
This is a very common question. And the answer is that bitcoins provide people more anonymity, the GBBG public domain platform will  literally empower people all over the world to save money and earn money. GBBG offers a compensation plan that is based on usage and for those who like to refer thereis also an income producing matrix. **Joining now ensures that you get a prime spot in the matrix.
Bitbillions gives you a point for each minute of FREE usage 
For each minute that you use this peer to peer browser (instead of using Google) you earn a point.  Based on the advertising revenues generated by GBBG all monies will be used to give each point a value, and you are paid for using this FREE platform

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